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November 8, 2022--Richard Dell'Aquila Elected to the

Ohio House of Representatives, District 15



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November 8, 2022--Richard Dell'Aquila Elected to the

Ohio House of Representatives, District 15

Thank you Everyone! When I decided to run for State Representative last January, the district maps were still being debated in Columbus. As various maps were proposed, the number was reduced from four to two candidates, including myself. After the current map was decided by a federal court decision, my opponent withdrew to run in another race and was not permitted to return to this race by the Ohio Supreme Court. Then, a different write-in candidate filed, who was well-funded and substantially supported.


I ran the same way as I always have in my previous eight campaigns for elected office, working hard, taking nothing for granted, and visiting with as many residents as possible. My history in office over two decades has been one of finding ways to get things done for constituents by working with as many other officials as possible, regardless of political affiliation. I will continue with that same work ethic in the Ohio House of Representatives. Here are a few of the many issues that motivated me to run for this office, with more on my website,


Ohio needs greater workforce development in the trades and other necessary skills. Perhaps we can increase our workforce through more public/private partnership training programs. Many of these good paying jobs go unfilled, and not everyone wants a college degree.


The Homestead Exemption should be increased to help seniors, disabled veterans and other homeowners meet their property taxes and remain in their homes. There are many senior or disabled homeowners in our district who are lower income and whose taxes spiked dramatically with the last county reappraisal.


We must do more to support our police, our protection against crime and chaos. The state’s retraction several years ago of the Local Government Fund (originally created in the 1930’s with Ohio’s sales tax to help pay for operating expenses such as law enforcement), placed several local governments in tough financial circumstances. I worked through all that as Mayor of Seven Hills. The Fund should be restored as originally promised.


Campaigning every day for eleven months in a district of 125,000 residents in seven cities and villages was hard work. But I did it gladly because the stakes are so important. I could not have done it without all the encouragement and support I received and the consideration of my family.


I acknowledge my opponent for helping me sharpen my message and stay focused on getting the job done. To my supporters, I say thank you and I will work hard to live up to your expectations. To those who did not vote for me, I hope to earn your support by working with everyone who will work with me for the benefit of all our residents.


Now the real work begins, and I am ready to get started!



Richard Dell’Aquila


Ohio House of Representatives

District 15 (Effective January 1, 2023)

FEBRUARY 2, 2022

Rick announces candidacy for Ohio House District 15.

JUNE 10, 2022

The federal government announced today that this past May, consumer prices increased at a rate of 8.6% year over year, the worst rate in over 40 years. Energy costs went up 4% in just the month of May. Rick urges the federal administration to increase our domestic oil production and refining capacity, saying, "more energy production at home will ease the financial burden on struggling Americans."

AUGUST 2, 2022

Rick receives the Democratic nomination for Ohio House District 15.


OCTOBER 12, 2022

Early Voting begins.

NOVEMBER 8, 2022

General Election. Rick Dell'Aquila elected to the Ohio House of Representatives, District 15, by about 85% to 15% of the vote!

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